At U.S. Premium Beef, we take beef very seriously. Our unitholders and associates from 36 states share a belief that quality beef begins at the ranch and ends with satisfied consumers. They've made a commitment to select the right genetics and to use the best possible production practices--from the ranch to mealtime--to produce consistent, high-quality beef.

This website will help you learn how you can join the more than 2,100 associates of U.S. Premium Beef to earn greater profits for producing beef designed for today's consumers.

U.S. Premium Beef continues to accept new producers who want to earn premiums for producing better quality beef.

Through 2013, we have purchased more than 10.8 million head of cattle from those producers. The average premium above the cash market in 2013 was $60.37 per head. Through 2013, producers who have marketed cattle through our company have earned more than $321 million in premiums above the cash market. And, our producer-owners have realized economic benefit of the value-added earnings generated by our investment in National Beef. In short, our program is working for producers as we planned.

If you'd like to market your cattle through U.S. Premium Beef, click on How to Market Cattle Through USPB to learn how easy it is to join and ship cattle.

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Offer to Sell 200 Class A units at $125.00
Offer to Sell 558 Class A units at $140.00
Offer to Sell 1000 Class A units at $150.00
Offer to Sell 3000 Class A units at $150.00
Offer to Sell 267 Class B units at $130.00
Offer to Sell 571 Class B units at $122.00
Offer to Sell 1000 Class B units at $150.00
Offer to Sell 1008 Class B units at $125.00
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